Saturday, March 31

earth hour ended like an hour ago, and it was pretty cool! black all around and yeh, i had to use the acoustic. but there was one thing that could have made it better :)

ok, so the week was quite nice. tuesday was freaking awesome cause we went to the lovely lovely hill. and it was freaking awesome! i wont spill my heart out here because the words are for YOUR EARS ONLY.

then on thursday, the year book person came to talk to us and stuff, and we looked at some yearbooks and they were cool, but i can do better LOL! we had the english triple free, but the afternoon was lame, cause i was shared between people and no one person got to have me to themselves.

friday was hectic too. it was study skills day and i heard mr dark talk the same crap he talks about everytime he says anything. after school, i scared the crap out of cathy and priscilla by telling them there was a ticket to university. then went to eat with my folks. then went off to the library and saw thi, conan and gino lying there. made a coke bomb with them for the next hour until my lovely elephant came with sabrina and gibson. we took them to eat so sabrina could grow, grow GROW! andthen took her to the bus stop. then went to get michelle new glasses and this lady went to survey gibson! HAHAHA!!

went to gloria jeans then to sit at the food court. then saw ozhin, lovely. headed off home to miss miss miss and be missed.

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