Saturday, February 24

i shall describe this week as an AWAKENING week for me. the things ive felt on five different days fluctuated throughout. there was the most lovely and awesome monday {except for the time i got hit by a digi cam} but towards the end of the day at least. cause my someone special received a gift from his someone special.

and also, cause i passed the audition for dance. thursday pratice day!

then came the ever lovely tuesday which was a freakin blast. not only because its half day and i dont have extensions on tuesday, and not only because i ate 5 pieces of KFC wicked wings but also because..

i went to JANE-elle's house and beheld her mighty fantastic bedroom. I would kill to have that much space for my room. I mean you can have a queen sized bed and still have space to have an individual dance area. JOSH is growing up really fast. I remembered him being really small the last time i saw him. but aww his funny and cute "SUPERSTITIOUS". anyway we bummed around jan's room and took a few shots here and there! then its time to head home. I brought my superhero with me. we travelled/ journeyed the great western highway(i think) together from harrispark/merrylands to granville station under the hot, glazing sun. train came. auburn. ---ashfield. walked home and finish!

wednesday came.triple english.nothing exciting, BUT i hope im not forgetting anything!
wednesday NIGHT! thats it. MY breakthrough day.i was practically told to give up dancing. I didnt think it possible but yes, it happened. So obviously i didnt go to the thursday morning lesson and furthermore, i scared the hell out of sean over the phone and gave lea disappointment. I saw denny after school. SHE gave me a lovely hug {awesome teacher}.dont you worry i didnt flood anything with tears. ALSO wednesday i did my ext speech! THANKgod for that day.

FRIDAY came and its writing response DAY. wrote like an animal. MY response was practically filled with BS {baby shorts -_-} BIO is so hectic now! im loving the PUNNETsquares. shopped abit on friday for new accessories since my selection of studded earrings have slowly been deteriorating.

anyway theres goes your sneekpeek to the week- life on
_the elephants awesome life with her superhero

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