Friday, February 16

SOmething very important came across my way just in time to end the week.
second chances are rare. and when someone is granted with this, theyre happiness is more that you could expect. So i guess theres no harm of giving something/someONE a second chance. And im glad alot of those have been happening this year. like what a friend of mine once said, "one is enough, two is too much and three is a poison that kills a person."

I walked home with my lovely fhi yesterday. It was nice catching up with her mainly because of the extra dramas floating around our lives. of course mine not so much as hers. LOL dont worry fhi. like what they say, "everything will be alright." just wanna let you know that im here for you!

ADVANCE happy birthday to CILLA. i know i wont be blogging on time so might as well do it NOW!

LIFE is good good and good. i wanna see elle. havnt seen her in ages.

i think ive been having alot of CRUE times ever since the end of last week and ESPECIALLY valentine so i better not mention it anymore.LOL dw im not sick of it turtle. you know youre crue so i dont need to further emphasize it. just wanna let you know that despite all your greatness, everyone has their faults.


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