Tuesday, March 22


ROBOCOG, Surry Hills

This affair began on an unexpected errand one sunny autumn day in the month of march. ROBOCOG. At first I thought it was called Robo Cop. And I didn't even see this beauty as a cafe until it was pointed out to me. Ill keep this short and sweet because it's one of those crazy things you have to try for yourself. Basically, they started off as a bicycle mechanic in the streets of Surryhills. Then with their experience in hospitality and passion for all things breakfast and simply just festing with colleagues, friends and business, comes the coolest and brightens cafe in Randle street!! Their big breakfast with Aoli sauce is one to try! It was seriously fucking amazing!

It's a cute little abode. I highly recommend it ! In fact, I think your next breakfast date should be HERE and no where else !! I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did. Let me know what you think when you do !!

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