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After months of anticipation, the wishing well, and a bucket full of empty plans and promises, on a perfect Saturday morning, we just had to wing it ! We finally visited the Zumbo Lab! First word that came to mind was - SMALL. But it was a good kinda small. The 'cute' type of small. I completely loved it!! Although the breakfast menu was nothing too special not to mention the mediocre coffee the barista whipped up for me, all this was trivial. Because The Zumbo Lab was made to make the best tasting macaroons you will ever taste in your life (while in Australia. I'm sure the French have there very own jizz they add to it).

The best thing about this place is that the audience is presented with the ins and out of the kitchen. Almost like a chocolate factory, beyond the transparent glass are the minions that help make these macaroons, cakes and pastries come to life. It is bound to evoke the Charlie in every one of us ! AHHH! Now for a girl who is not too keen on getting her desserts, this place gave me a little tickle : )

That excitement was enough to convince me to purchase a half dozen varied flavours of macaroons for me and the fam. Why only six, you ask. Well it's because that was ALL I seriously could afford. Yes, my last few dollars on macaroons. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT !! Toasted marshmallows, peach and smarties were only a few that I could remember. Hmmmm..

Have you been? How was your experience? What flavours did you get and tell me what I am missing out on!

If you haven't yet, CHECK IT OUT!

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