Monday, February 21


I have been looking all over for these babies! Someone! Anyone! Show me the way!

These are the new Beau Coops shoes especially made for Karen Walker's latest Fall collection of 2011. Not to mention the fact that her collection is bursting with radiant colours, these Beau Coops tops it all off!
YUM! Courtesy of Bazaar Magazine
Pleated Mid Length Skirts. Oh hello.
Giraffe patterned pant. So crazy yet amazing!

I am truly in love with this one!

Hmmmm now I am facing a great dilemma: Save up for servicing Brooke or buy a pair of Beau Coops for Karen Walker...

*For the complete collection of Karen Walker Runway, visit

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synth. said...

ASOS has some pretty pleated skirts up. unfortunately none in green, maybe a backup plan if we don't find it saturday

I like the long black maxi skirt :)