Tuesday, February 22


It has been a universal decorum that a well refined homosapien like me be in possession of a 'places to see around the city' list. Although I cannot produce this magical list for your interest and convenience, allow me to introduce you to... my grand ma. As one strolls down the calming yet crazy alley of Clarence Street it is with no surprise that this cocktails galore may be one of the things you will ignore miss. I say miss because it is a hidden treasure land though when you look closely, this is not the place that can be easily forgotten let alone ignored.

Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Grandma's. The sexy as bar found in the basement of heaven disguised as a building. I won't sugar coat this baby or even go in depth of how amazing this place is, because it is simply something you must find out and visit for yourself. They have great novelty cocktails and at the same time never falling short of those classic cocktails. You name it, they will deliver something amazing up their sleeves.

Some recomendations: 
Try the house punch. It is definitely worth it. Food is always good. Get yourself and your wallet ready and just go crazy with cocktails.

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