Wednesday, February 16

Matter of the heart

Alright. If you'd like to read about useless rambles about what love is and what is not, keep reading.

Valentines Day just passed. I've gone up and down, backwards and forwards but I'm back to the uncertainty of what it really means. To me this is the day that it becomes acceptable for that stalkerish kid to send a girl he's had a crush on for the past year a red rose. To me this is all in the name of fun. But you've got those sweet avalanche of men who write their significant other an original song, a dedication or a rendition of 'their' song.

R in her cute entry says, ' Through all the commercialism, it's still important to realise that this one day should not be the only time that we expend extra effort to show our affection...' One said, 'Valentines Day... *vomit* ' I've also heard, 'valentines is funny from an observer' ...

What I think? I still have not a slightest clue and frankly 'do not give a flying fuck' (I learned that phrase at work last week and found it hilarious! So I am using it... ) Having said that, today is just another day where everyone continues to love, some keep the hate and many are still confused. It is just another day of work, beach, friends, family and money.

Golden question: Did I have a valentine? I seriously have no idea. You tell me.

I've been trying to avoid entries of this sort, so while I am on it I'd like to point out something quite crucial. What love isn't

And to end: Here's a dedication to all the lovers and lovers to be ;) courtesy of Set Sail (Check them out)

" I want to bring you the spring. Cause you are my flower in the snow. Oh I know that we will be perfect together like salt and pepper... "

And special thanks to my man, John Legend.

Disclaimer: I make no assurance that this post is of supreme quality and true credibility.Only the fact that we are all suckers for love. Whether you admit or not. That is all.

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