Tuesday, November 30

Where to look

It's that amazing time of year again. For some, they've got a wallet with money itching to be used for spending. For most, they burrow and get angry at an exciting post I am about to make. The insufficiency of funds deter them from totally enjoying the best art/design market out - Finders Keepers. Yes they are back. With a great line up of new artists. The consistent masterpieces from previous designers. An even more diverse selection of jewelry, clothing and music! And an even crazier group who choose to be different by experimenting on the most insane art media. Oh there will be a few additions to my stud collection! And, I won't even start on the canvas bags!

In short, I am excited!! VERY. EXCITED.

Image from: FK facebook group event

Join me at the opening night, which is on Friday, 3rd of December from 6pm - 10pm. COME for a chat! I can't wait to see you very lovely people. xx

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