Monday, November 29

My kinda short

The Sweeds have never disappointed me when it comes to design. And that's design in every way, architecture, bikes, roads, shoes, clothing you name it. They epitomise the very meaning of minimalism and quality. Any one who knows Acne will say the same thing about their fashion designs. And Dr Denim just adds to the beauty of it all. While were on the subject of Dr Denim let me take you to what's new in the hood. Dr Denim Shorts. There is always that blurry boundary of what is too short for a guy and where do you stop the fabric before you commit a fashion crime. These ones meet that 'medium' length. Perfection. Have a look. Retailers should be selling them very soon and you should totally get one. Not. Even. Kidding.
Image from: Somedays
Did I mention, the COLOURS! The neuts and brights. ! I say hell yes!

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