Sunday, November 14


There are just some things you used to love doing but don't do anymore. It could be due to the interest simply fading, nonexistence of anyone to share those things with, no time, found more interesting things and in the saddest of all cases, it ends up being associated to a memory - pain. And this is common and serious. In fact, so serious that it's one of the important criteria (among many) in diagnosing various psychological disorders. Enough of psychology, what I'm trying to say is, try to avoid it.

After many many months of abstaining from approaching Magnation, Newtown in general. I visited this love den today with my sister following the ever awesome Newtown Festival. Not to say that this place is associated with a painful memory, the most likely reason for this is a mixture of everything I just mentioned. Coming back to this place was like entering something from a past life, all the same feeling from before were there, but I felt older. I think growth happened.

Oh bugger, this wasn't the point of this post. Magnation is amazing! It has the best collection of magazines you can ever think of. Yes, mainstream and the niche. Some of my favorites are Cream, Above, Dumbo feather pass it on, Apartamento, Vogue, and Frankie (which are fantastic titles, by the way!). It's on King st, the biggest street in Newtown. This strip is one of the most interesting streets in Sydney, close second to the Paddington strip for the vain and materialistic. You won't miss it...

Look through the website, pay a visit. You will not regret this journey, I guarantee it. !!

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