Saturday, November 13

9th of June 2010

As I tried to put a label on every post I've ever made on this blog, I came across this rather insane prose/poetry/narrative. Whatever you intellects call it these days. This has been on 'draft' mode for the past five months. I thought I should share it because I think it's rather .. odd


I'm in the middle of a long deserted road.
I turn the engine off and a gust of wind sweep pass.
I tried to recall where I've left but the dryness of this place decays my mind.
I desperately fan myself with this postcard I was meant to mail but all it gave was a whisper-like aspiration.

Above me was the sun shining with all its might. I'd shine too if it wasn't for this stupid heat.

All I remember was telling a joke, laughing at it, drinking with my friends, finished my cocktail, showered, got a phone call, stabbed, cried, drove off and now I'm here.

Australia, probably western,
could be central.
Sweating, hungry, and fucking

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