Thursday, October 7

BA #6: SN& Friends

I'm not quite sure how to describe this fantastic, amazing, badass, ridiculous, original, organic, awesome, sick, and eco responsible label to you guys but in a way, it's been my home boy. This term homeboy is generally used to describe a friend whom you've grown with!

If you remember I did a feature on Skinny Nelson and Friends early this year (my first ever feature!). So many thing have happened since then! Man has this gone by very fast! Anyway... During that time, they've taken alot of restructuring in terms of their online store and most importantly their design. Thank you to my trust worthy, always on top of everything, friend, the time off and all those long overnight waits are over! They are back, up and running, sexier and more amazing than ever before, SN & Friends.

Check out their new website! Online store is not up yet, but I'll keep you posted; )

f -- awesome!

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