Tuesday, March 2

no bullshit, Skinny Nelson is just is.

Jacqui Alexander and Zac Midalia are not your average super heroes. Firstly, they are extremely trendy though neither can fly, read minds or turn invisible. However, when combined this dynamic duo make Captain Planet, no, not really. Rather, they are known as the troops behind one of Sydney's most unique and amazing fashion labels, Skinny Nelson and friends. They have created a fantastic clothing line from 100% organic cotton - it's kind of like saving the world, really. With a cup of coffee in hand, I had a quick chat with one half of the dynamic duo behind this wonderful enterprise, Zac Midalia.

Skinny Nelson and Friends began in the land where the wild things are. Like many epic tales, writing it down will not do it justice, so I'll leave it out for now. This brand is not your typical art student-lets-rally-in-the-nude type. It's about fashion in its purest form - basic. The focus is not really about 'why choose organic?', rather 'why not'. Without over promoting the whole 'eco- friendly' approach they manage to encourage it by creating an exceptional range with style, minimalism, and uniqueness.

I've vicariously followed their rapid growth over the past two years -now approaching the shores of Japan and setting their sights on Britain. What next? I don't know either.
When asked for tips or advices to those trying to make sense of it all, he replies with a concrete ‘Know your idea. Hold on to it, before adding other ideas’, and also added the obvious adage (that we all fail to achieve), 'Manage your money'. What about to those up and coming designers who are new to the industry? Well, 'a great mix of creativity and commercialism is what you need, to do what you love and at the same time surviving in the industry’. Words of wisdom indeed.

With Scandinavia as a main influence, surrounded with art, travel, architecture, family, friends, and music, only the horizon is the limit for this crazy duet. So, empty your wardrobe, because you can never have enough of those amazing Skinny Nelson threads.

Keep it real, baby

For more information, check out skinnynelson. watch this space.

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