Thursday, March 11

the ball continues.


I have approximately ten minutes to write a post before my computer shuts down - don't you just love the excitement? This one will be a short and sweet recount of the (mis)fortunes I've faced recently. Apart from finally killing one of the Henrys, one of my favourite dancers eliminated from SYTYCD, the first week back was rather short and relaxed. That's not to say I lack 'new' knowledge, in fact, I have been pondering on what I've been learning. And this has lead me to realise a few things. May it be about the distinction between 'describing' and 'interpreting' (both academically and in life), the main reason for the existence of this blog, and the fact that the world is not what you seem it is.

From the moment this year entered my field of thought, I've not really welcomed it. Unlike 2009, which I faced whole heartedly. Filled with hope and new adventures. This year, there was nothing but fear. Yes, this 2010 seems massive. Yes, the 3rd year of university is an important one and probably the hardest. But how is this year any different and who's to say you won't make it?

Sleep. Eat. Smile. Love.

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