Sunday, May 30

no matter which way you go

I miss having nothing more important things to do than roam around the hills of surry enjoying great cups of coffee, fantastic blends of teas, and taking numerous priceless shots. Also, I could say that I miss having time to do these things. Another way I could say it is that I miss having to not care about work and university too much as to feel better while procrastinating. But it's year 3 and I need to get some things very well sorted if I want to have a life. So here is me, not saying goodbye to lazy life, but saying.. see you later. Preferably in a few weeks
Winter season should be the time of the year to take out those lenses and shoot. Anything. So here are some awesome aspects of life that I've tried to capture as best as I could with a digital camera:)
Not bad...

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