Monday, May 31

the best

There's no better way to start off study break but to immense yourself with laughter and Hooooch! Now I've had a few people tell me how much of a crazy bitch I am. But really let's face it, we all have our little Hooch deep inside us screaming! Hmmmm blood... Like Dexter!

Oh that reminds me, all of my favourite tv shows have ended their season. Oh gossip girl, you will be missed. As for supernatural, Oh My Gosh! hurry up! I can't even begin to explain how much I am anticipating for the come back of One Tree Hill. These are three of my favourite shows and they're on hiatus, and I will be too. Besides going back to Scrubs and maybe getting really into How I Met Your Mother, I will complete Dexter season 4 and hopefully, get my hands on entourage!

But gotta get the head in the game and study. And to start it off, is Mr Hooch:) There's nothing wrong with a little break here and there.

p.s. to the redbull/mother/V/ (what ever there is in the market), an over emphasized shaking of the head. and a big stamp to your head - RELAX. Things happen for a reason. If you're meant to sleep, better sleep with a good brain than a dehydrated one;) I say this because I care. Go get a nice cup of mocha with 10 sugars! Call someone. Eat. Have some popcorn. Legumes.

p.p.s. other than that, Let's do this nigs!!

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rox.y said...

you guys are cool for caring so much :)

Never. again.
10 sugars > red bull