Tuesday, April 20

she knows what a broken heart feels like

i will never be your stepping stone.
i'm standing upright on my own. - stepping stone

i know it's wrong, hanging on too long. - hanging on too long

your words come much too late,
my love for you has turned to hate.
cause your taking too much time
to show me that your mine...

your actions mean nothing no more
when it's what I've been waiting for.

when i drop you boy
you'll need another toy
one that won't stand up for herself.

you played me for a fool
for too long...
i''m no longer under your spell
hear it in this song,
you can go to hell - delayed devotion

im scared to face another
cause the fear in me just won't go away
in an instant you were gone - i'm scared

would you walk out the door
like you did, once before?
this time, be different
please stay, don't go - please stay

baby, you never show how you really feel for me
tell me, can we ever be, serious?
a game you like to play
leaves me so low everyday - serious


1 comment:

wilzo said...

Check out this awesome (albeit old song):
Lonely Souls by UNKLE...(Ouch!! My Unkle hurts!!!)
Make sure you check out the lyrics as well. It's my perception of freedom.