Monday, April 19

new leaf

tune in: Smack that - Akon ft. Eminem

It's fascinating how outrageous and awesome are the stuff we think about. Everyone has gone through so much 'self reflections' in their life and only some of us have that 'epiphany' moment. This is that feeling you get when things (if not everything) starts to fall into place.

Anyway, so enough about those deep stuff. We're young so why not enjoy the trivialities in life now:) To start of, uni is a bitch. So I won't waste my time recounting those unfortunate incidents concerning procrastination, unnecessary distractions, foreign infatuation and that endless need to get so much shit done in so little time. In fact, after this post, I will be getting a head start on:

- lec 1-3
- research articles

all in an hour.
Good luck I hear you say. Well you just wait for it, I'm quite a bad ass when I start to get my shit together. Take yesterday for example, I realised how awesome The Strokes are. I guess my prejudice/bias in the past have blinded my ability to hear good music when it hits me.


Fierce Angel 5

Location: Ivy Bar, 330 George Street, Sydney, Sydney, 2000
Date: Sunday 25th April, 5:00pm to Monday 26th April, 3:00am
Tickets: $30:+bf - First Release $40:+bf - Second Release
Music Styling: House


To finish things off, this was how bad I was on last friday's video shoot. Black leather jacket, Black jeans, flat cap. I was ripping it up! All I needed was metal studs, belts, and chains! Damn! Should've set the bar higher!
image by google images


willay said...

I miss you on fb mitch!!!

mrs said...

I'm on msn, quite abit!
don't worry. I'll get it back soon:)