Wednesday, February 24

no reason and many reasons

So here's the deal, every year this amazing art market appears in Carriageworks from the land where the most awesome things are. It's a fantastic place to unwind, enjoy each other's company in the presence of Sydney's most creative designers and their masterpieces. Although this place sounds excitingly imaginary, it's also realistic because it requires it's visitors to be financially giving whilst being encapsulated with music and food. If the last little scrap of information has managed to put you off, don't stop yet. This market has many many freebies. Why not pick up some postcards and start a collection or business cards. But, all of these reasons becomes worthless, because all that matters is, this market is a great place to be inspired.

This is The Finders Keepers.On the 7th of May 2010, Carriageworks open it's doors to only those who yearn to enter.

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