Friday, February 19

Food and coffee

I think it's amazing how the simplest things in life are what we yearn. They're the ones that make your day.

So, two months ago I turned the final page of Mitch Albom's, The Five People You Meet In Heaven. And there were two amazing phrases that has been stuck to me ever since. My inability to blog about it is just beyond me.

'strangers are the family we have yet to meet.'
'the only time we waste are those spent thinking we are alone'

the second one, if not the correct phrase is a rather paraphrased words or wisdom. And I think it's very very true. I just finished my lunch and coffee, in solitude at the Ampersand cafe. One may say that I'm wasting my time. Others would think of me as being sad. Well I'm going to prove them wrong. Currently, I feel amazing. Started the day with am expenditure of $150 (well worth it, I must add), lunch and coffee with no one else but the company of stacked old and new books and that slight stench of a moist underground basement. Sounds lonely, but I feel great. I don't think I'm alone. It's amazing really.

The world should invent a small dslr camera. The one you can carry around. My phone camera gives this clicking sound as you capture and it's bugging me.

Pecha Kucha tomorrow. Oh yeah

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