Thursday, September 3

you don't know me

It feels like a bloody friday. maybe because the weather is gloomy, spent the end of the day at the unibar, and because I won't be seeing R. And I normally see her on friday:( But I have an expectation that tomorrow will be a cool one. Despite another lame as weather, I'm giving the day a chance. Maybe get coffee.

im afraid this post won't be as kiss ass as the previous entry. Since it feels like a friday, i feel like starting some of my assignments. Like not start as in, start writing my essays. But rather starting a template. Like getting my headers and footers, margins and fonts, and titles over and done with. Is that a good step?

Oh well. another thing I should point out, i think my unibar should have a slightly better and more weather efficient beer garden. And I think there should a limit to the amount of ----- to be allowed in. haha Seriously, it's weird if they are all you see. sigh* library lawn is definitely a better checkout point. LOVE IT!


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