Wednesday, September 2

spring time is happy time

It has been with great embarrassment to come back and face you all after a few days of abandoning my blogging routine. I blame uni, you can blame who ever you want. Maybe you can blame it on the people in these photos. There has been so many things going on in people's lives. So many 'complicated' things. My philosophy with complication is that its man-made. And complication arises through misunderstanding, conflicting opinions, and commonly because people tend to keep everything to themselves. I havn't been working, and to an extent I'm happy with it. But the opportunity cost is the decrease in financial injections. But there's no need to fret- it's spring time therefore it's happy time.

I've not blogged for so long, so I think now is the time to vomit out all the pictures I've kept for the last two weeks! enjoy. (the photos are in reverse order. meaning from most recent to old)

What to do when you are a uni student and:

It's the 2nd day of spring
you could continue your routine. That could be anything from reading a mook, or just simply checking people out.
get bruised by playing soccer instead of attending a lecture.find a friend who makes you laugh when she says 'I'm always massive... in the chest area.' amazing. sorry sheren, but roxanne and I love your massive chest area;)strike an olive posea chazam pose,or a sexy mr (or ms) J pose.accept that boys will be boysstress for an upcoming report/ exam. criticize yourself for your excessive procrastination but pat yourself on the back for having an awesome social life with the company of great friends.
sweat (and get tanked) under the sun
or you can just have a picture taken with fernie- bernie and everything will be awesome-ogo to unsw, so you can enjoy the amazing library lawn
It's a special friend's birthday and you're counting down for Spring,
you enjoy the weather, have pizza and plan to have a chocolate overdose. Technically, you don't really do the last option, because if you die, you miss spring. So the alternative is to just basically drink 'Alice'
these two loved their pictures taken but lack the initiate to return the favour. So this spring, grab yourself some friends who knows how to take a great shot of you and your man;)
Enjoy public transport and a newly purchased scarf from American Apparel. Made in downtown L.A. baby. Suck on that

Spring is a week away
Spring is the 'start' season. It's the season to initiate something. Start on a clean slate of make a relationship better. For some people, admiration, adoration, love, friendship and great weather is all they need to get them by. I would like to introduce you to a few fellow awesome people of mine, mr. Just and ms R.
You could pretend that you play sport by adding props. Or maybe in this instance just pose like a total idiot and look like tourist by intentionally capturing the background! Monique, I love how you're in my uni. haha
catch up- serious talk- pose- gossip- and huge as sunnies are a girls best friend. Especially during spring.

As you all can see, I have very high expectations this spring. I hope you enjoyed that because I spent my genetics study time doing that long as essay. sigh* i should've really started on my personality resport or the assessment one. but blogging is amazing. who disagrees?



A R I S H said...

i love this post!!!
gives a lot of positive energy!!
c'mon! spring!/summer!
i am excited =)

rocks&sand. said...

stalker much?

this is one of my favourite blogs of yours. I love these library lawn moments :)

P.S. 5 days!! woooooo ;)


brooke. said...

bwhahhahah I KNOW!
I LOVE IT TOO. bwhaha!
I didn't up the pic of us two cause it's sooo amazing!but yes! weather was crap today! WHY! after two weeks of sun and warmth now... bleh!

rox I hate i won't be seeing you bukas?!
wha!!! but enjoy. Ill see you on tuesday;)

chocoloco said...

damn this was so long ago.
I miss this :(