Monday, September 21

the whatteenth century

status: tired and insane

Many many times I've wondered what persona I would've been if I lived in certain memorable eras, such as during the:

Ancient Roman Empire, Nineteenth century, WWII, 2oth Century, Flower Power (60s-70s), the 1980s, and finally the 90s

Here are some of my ideas (:
Ancient Roman Empire:
- Gladiator
- Kings daughter that the gladiator falls in love with
- Never a peasant; I could be a fly, but not a peasant. thank you very much

Nineteenth Century
- Aesthetes - art doesn't need a moral or didactic purpose; it's sole purpose is Beauty
- Romantic - loving nature beyond anything
- Never once a though of being one of those early feminists came across me. bwhahaha, damn Charlotte Bronte bwhahaha...

- Would I have been a Jew-> raped->killed
- Maybe a Hitler follower
- Oh, please, I could've easily been Hitler with a labia majora and minora right?

2oth century
- Definitely would've been one of the jazz pioneers, like Ella Fitzgerald.
- Lead singer of the Supremes
- AND, I definitely would've passed as Michael Jackson. That's how white I am.
- Or..a Hill billy! hmmm it could work, I tell yaaah.

1960s- 1970s
- A hippie (motta, sex, and rock & roll)

- still singing

- Hi, I'm Britney Spears
- Hello, my name is Nick, and were the Backstreet Boys!

yep. I've gone insane.
Social-Cog and Humanistic? Trait and Humanistic? Trait and Social-Cog? Social-Cog and Social Cog,? Humanistic and Trait? Social and Cog? Cog Cog Cognitive Social? PsychoSocial- Cog? TraitSocial Psycho? Humanistic Trait Perspective? Im a retard approach to personality?

Must. decide.
worse care scenario: fail PSYC2101

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