Monday, August 24

word of the day

foot. There is nothing worse than basking in the stench of a smelly sock/foot during an exam. Its worse than failing it. seriously. That being said, I'm proud to say that Rox and I successfully got out of the exam alive. With the help of Tom D's amazing exam writing skills, I think we went fine for that one. I'm looking at a credit at least. So thank you Tom D and dear old scarf and leather jacket. For preventing my nose to smell such disgusting crap. I dont really know what Rox used to cover her nose, but thank you to that too. haha

With that being said, I'm stuffed for genetics. I attended the 'review lecture' today hoping for the lecturer to shed some light on some problems I've been having on crossing individual traits. I love the punnett square and dihybrid crosses, but the crosses I have been encountering during my prelab quizes are a bummer. I just don't get it. BUT that lecture was an utter waste. sigh. I'm d.e.a.d. sigh.

On a slightly happier tone, thank you the casual @ my work for missing shifts allocated to her repeatedly, I might soon be having some shifts! woohoo. gn. xx

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rocks&sand. said...


I really hope the results of the exam was worth putting ourselves through that gas-like-chamber-experience for an hour LOL

*sigh* at genetics bwahha

See you tomorrowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! ;)