Sunday, August 16

to learn about boredom

I have had one of those weeks where things are fantastic and crap at the same time. A Bipolar week, you could call it. Great week because of the absence of work, awesome time spent at uni, and our awesome Hurricanes dinner. But a crap week also because of the absence of work. I mean work is hard, but the money keeps you going. I travel so far just to come to work and I'm fine with that because I get paid. But when undesirable events starts happening, such as not getting paid right and not getting shifts - well you start to go into a personal turmoil.

The increasing load of uni work, has been a biatch to me as much as I am a biatch to it. The fact that we only had a week to do an assignment worth 10% and up until now, I still have no idea what I'm meant to do and what 'orientation discrimination ability' is. Basically, i'm effed for this assignment.

Next up we have me being a complete biatch face prick this whole week to my friends and I can't seem to help it=) Coffee is no longer working. I used to do 4 doses of coffee per week, then it went to 1 dose of coffee everyday. Now I need 2 doses of coffee per day to shut me up. I know I must resist this.

Because if I don't, I'll let you do the math;
Before: 100 units income- 50 units consumption = 50units saving (consumption< income)

Now, after a dramatic decrease in income and with a stable consumption (e.g. 1 coffee per day)
20 units income - 50 units consumption = (consumption> income)
or if my coffee dose increase,
20 units income- 70 units consumption = (consumption>income)

I'm losing my mind.
damn it
I need coffee



rocks&sand. said...

FOUR doses of coffee a day?!

Hun I think you're a coffee noob hahaha ;)

Everything will be ok. Don't worry be happy *do do do do do do dooooooo*

I think I just mixed 'what a wonderful world' and 'don't worry be happy' into one song....

oh well.


brooke. said...

4 doses per week.