Tuesday, August 18

running behind time

Mid session exam next week for two of my 'possible fail' subjects!
why wasn't I informed? sigh

So I stayed home today to finish of my Perception bogus experiment. It sounds fairly reasonable especially because I didn't know what half of the assignment meant until yesterday afternoon.

Talking about yesterday, man. No words can possibly explain how insane yesterday was. Many many reason I cannot share over the internet of course. But the weather was fantastic, kinda like today:) And a number of people I know is definitely living up to the name of 'Spring'. You know, new beginning, change, awesomeness. Alright maybe I invented the last bit=D
One thing I love about spring is the romance. My romance and hearing about other people's romance. I love birthdays during spring cause its not tooo hot or too rainy, its just right.

Another stress to add on to the mid session exams next week, are people's birthdays and the fact that I'm broke. Oh well, ill just have to super stick on to my motto, 'If you invite me and make me pay, you won't get a present from me. But if it's your shout, that's a different story' actually that mine and my turtle's motto;)

For now, I shall leave you with some desirable of mine
hamsa string bracelet

infinity lock bracelet

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