Saturday, February 28

when hello means goodbye

five months ago, fashion changed as temperature changed.
Everyone was waiting for summer. Then it came.
Heat, beach, wide rimmed hats, thin garment made from 98-100% cotton, boarshorts, and bikinis. Yes I will miss summer.
Here in Australia its mainly cold than hot.
The trees will eventually shed old leaves and the cycle will go on again!
So I guess it'll be great, The new summer! I cannot wait.

Hurry winter, pass already!

There has been many many cool stuff that happened lately! This month, although the shortest month of the year, is one of the best ones! First of all, less money was spent(not including expenditure from 3days ago onwards) with double the amount of fun!

I bring to you some photoclips to look out for. Watch out for these people, they will soon be famouswelcome autumn
the end!

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