Thursday, February 19


CREAM edition 09 is one of the best culture/fashion magazine I have ever encountered. Not only because of the fact that they feature my very own beautiful Gossip Girl cast in the current issue, it also have some awesome stuff in it. It the magazine of the avant garde, baby. It only $11 bucks and it a pretty good read (so far)=D Another reason I like this more than any other is because it was chosen by my boyfriend and we share similar views on quality and aesthetics;)
YUMCHA tomorrow FINALLY! hahha this has been the long long long awaited yumcha! My Chilean friend, Coty is back to sydney for the last time, And i wont be able to see her! Im going nutsy! ALTHOUGH, i am looking forward to 360 (dance comp) only because a friend of mine is competing and I wanna see my fellow filipinoes before uni starts! haha i will definitely see loser show off homosapiens BUT i will turn blind just to see my awesome brothers!

American Apparel; isn't it just the cutest thing?

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Anonymous said...

no way mich!! i totally didn't know you still blog on this!
and oooh that AA top IS GORGEOUS let me tell you! go order one!! i did and I LOVE IT!!! i dont know where to wear it to because it's that special lol it isn't really but i just love the fitting of it and the BACK of course... makes you feel oh so sexy! ;)