Wednesday, January 7


it started out as a google search on bettina liano and sophia bush. and then i was directed into this awesome website called, or something along those lines. and then i started building a shopping list:)

nothing big, just huge
from top left to right:
CM Ewing Skinny Jeans in Demin Dry Black $90, Nudie High Kai Black $250, True Religion Stella in Body Rinse, CM Zip Low in Stretch Yd Black $90, Nudie Tight Long John $250, J Brand Pencil Leg Stretch $190, J Brand Ankle Skinny Stretch $190, RVCA Marley 4 in Worn Gray.

This is Opening Ceremony's awesome All Occassions Sweater. It is the coolest sweater I have ever seen because of its versatility. The pictures above are all from ONE sweter only. The sweater is composed of hidden buttons around the collar area in which you can add or remove pieces from it so that itll adjust to what suits the weather:) From a normal cardigan in spring to a warm and awesome turtleneck in winter, youre all set. And I think the price, when converted to AUD will go up to $400 max (i think)
Another awesome innovation from Pudel. I am not driven by fashion, but when something is said to be multipuposed, then im in:) This cardigan not only looks cute and sexy, it can also be a funky sleeveless top. ~$150+This is another cool one, but this time by, Bless. This is kinda like a poncho with a built in scarf. Im not a poncho fan, but for scarves, being a fan would be an underestimate. Awesome thing is, it doesnt even look like those wierd looking ponchoes:) This is also around ~$100+ dollars.

There is another stuff by Pudel that I wanted to show you, BUT im tired. so Ill save that for the day I have nothing to blog about! ONE TREE HILL and GOSSIP GIRL all the way baby! I miss Dexter and Heroes! gahhh When will they be back!


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