Tuesday, January 6

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i dont do resolutions because they are said to be a list of "goals" to conquer in the coming year. You are meant to stick to them and successfully do them. And i think they are just a bunch of bs that makes you think you are actually accomplishing something, but in reality you are not doing anything for yourself. What about the next year? And besides, when someone writes down their resulutions on top of their head, things and are more valuable and more important are left behind, and crap like, "eat healthily" "no alcohol" "stop smoking" and "loose weight" are the ones in the list and important stuff are just pushed away.

Lets face it, resulutions make you think you can do impossible things in a year and its silly because stopping a habit, starting a new lifestyle, and changing ones attitude cannot be changed in a year. I think people's resulution should be "smaller" nothing big like EAT HEALTHY after being such a junk addict all your life. AND its not just a resulution for this year.. NO ONE should think it as....."ok im eating healthy this year because this my resolution" The thought that people should go through when doing their resolutions is how to maintain a new goal. How to not eat crap for the rest of your life... ANYTHING TOO MUCH OR TOO LITTLE IT BAD FOR YOU. full stop. and besides, who is to say that you cant do a MID YEAR resulution..

another reason i dont like new year resolutions is during the time you break them. whats going to happen? would you ignore the fact you broke them? OR would you go back to the old habit, and start over again the next year. Can you see how silly it is. Silly things for silly people i guess.

ONE last thing,
ED HARDY SUCKS and for those who pay how much dollars to buy the stuff, you guys suck too.


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