Saturday, July 5


Condition: Good 4/5, Used
Age: 7 months
Use: For uni or simply for interest, maybe important for highschool students studying spanish as a language.

Contains all you can NEED verbs in spanish, in all different tenses. Abit hard to use, but maybe thats because i only did spanish for 1 semester. Tests and exercises at the begining of the book. Suggested sentences. Awesome Index. and other cool stuff. It was one of my best investments back when i thought ill be doing spanish for a while. But minds change.

Buyers: preferably, residing in Sydney, Australia. Its just cheaper to package:)

Just tag on the board and leave your email, Ill get back to you.

adios! if theres anyone from UNSW who reads this blog (as wierd as it sounds) leave a comment or message on the tagboard if you need THIS book, you'll be a priority.

Adios Amigos!

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