Saturday, July 5

As you all may well know, the new season of So You Think You Can Dance if now airing in USA. There have been some awesome routines, memorable ones and also some wierd and ugly shizz. But either way, everything looks sound and gravy:)
Im not keeping up with everyone like who got out, who stayed, who sucks and everything. I dont even know their names.. yet. That having said, If i watch it via youtube ill likely remember ONLY those who have captured and hypnotised my eyes through their dancing and who have tied a few strings around my neck, and arm hairs and pulled it, will be remembered. Sorry BUT one should be good. So far the leading choreographers have been Mia Micheals and a few hiphopers! great stuff.
This clip DESERVES to be shared with whoever reads this blog. It is just so darn good. Im hoping you'll love it as much as I do. If you dont, I dont really give a shizznit!

Today, was saturday indeed, but we went dancing to experience SARAH BOULTER as a choreographer. As one, shes great. Shes also funny and she connects....only with people WHO CAN DANCE. yep. cause she did not connect to me at all. I felt like a pussycat freak who was dropped in an ocean filled with sharks. I suffocated. Dancing is meant to be relaxing. and For me, dancing is my escape, but TODAY, i can safely say, I almost died. My lungs were about to burst, mind spinning in circles, thoughts palpitating as to why and how I got to the room in the first place. I waited for the right time to escape this prison, then when the time came, i slyly walked to the door, hoping not to attract attention, I didnt. UNTIL some guy put his foot in front of me, just in time for me to stack it and create a huge stomp sound. I didnt fall (thankfully), but i ran out. stupid farting loser guy! didnt see his face, so im afraid i cant look for revenge. sigh*

I manage to do the list for this week, like visiting kevin's place. GOOD stuff. HAD a good amount of bad fat through deep fried fish and chips from Mannies munchies. i had one of their neverending supply of hot chinese tea.awesome STUFF!started watching GOSSIP GIRL and totally got hooked. yes maybe its one of those wierd and clichéd life of the 21st century upper class society in USA, but like they say, everybody loves a gossip. "You know you love me, xoxo Gossip Girl" heheh But yeah, the show have some pretty good character. Like the one playing Dan Humprey, he is totally adorable. If I had the chance to act in gossip girl, and If I was embed the male anatomy, then I would love to do the character of Chuck Bass. His character is just so awesome. The whole B-ing with Queen B is awesome. But when everthing becomes all girly and mediochre, it becomes BORING. sigh*. Another surprise was the spy kid, "president's daughter" girl, who is playing the role of "Jenny Humphrey". This show is great for keeping me occupied while pondering and waiting for the next season of one tree hill.

On a slightly different note, I have so much dvds to finish off BEFORE wednesday, taking into account the fact that Ill be deprived of my home on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for sure.ohwell, a good movie is never missed. Planning to finish a few tomorrow. Watching Superbad again . Sigh* i hate these teenage "puberty"issues. Is america so wierd now? Or is teh whole world being wierd when it comes to puberty. Like seriously, how is it so hard and difficult? You dont force it to change you just freely accept the inevitability of puberty. Relax, FART society and it norms. We are not in the farting 19th century, mate. We are free to be what we all want. I think people, especially youth these days, are so driven by the group they belong to. And technically we always have a part in us that yearns for being a part of a group, that also is an inevitable concept. No matter how individualistic you are, you belong to A group. It a simple fact. trust me. Anyway

-Marvin has officially moved out!

I realised that, when we have problems and we view it as being the biggest, hardest and the toughest. WELL i figured out the best way to feel better. Some may say that thinking of happy stuff and joyful moments will clear the blues away. YES it might help but on rare occasions. The saying that "time heals eveyrthing" thats works more than the previous, BUT another remedy that might count and if anyone reading this have been depressed about something, Get out of your house, and look at people and think about what their problems could be. In your trip out, youll see hobos and sick people. Youll see posters of mission australia. You'll see ill animals. AND this will make you forget about your problems and YOU will realise that you are one superficial motherfarter who take so much for granted and forget to recognise the important people around you. In thinking this, you will start to look at this certain problem differently and just shut-the-fart-up-everything you were thinking. This thought, will increase the likelihood of saying sorry. Of course this is my theory, which is why i would like people to try it and get back to me on it. Its just a thought, relax, I didnt read this anywhere.

JUST FOR THE RECORD, MY TASTE BUDS HATE CAFFE TEA LATTE. sorry Fiela, My $3:65 was gone to waste!

I should be ending this long as essay, because, i think the movie The Graduate is calling my name wanting me to watch him NOW!



p.s. (para sean) I had an awesome day today. Vamos bailar con mi novio. Baile es muy difficil. Salgo de la sala de clase con tiempo. Es Sean es muy bien. Me gusta mucho él jazz y él hip-hop. No me gusta mucho contemporary porque es muy difficil, pero me gusta mire él baile en television. Hmm its true opposites do attract. LOL You wrecked my day and made my day. Thats how the crue do it baby. You know you want it. anyway. We have a new BORDERS spot!(omg) heheh exciting gahh. BUT parramatta was the best cause it was ghetto baby. hehhe THIS one is okey too! I love you baby.

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