Wednesday, June 25

Based of Stephen King's novel, The Mist. We can all conclude that this is definitely a typical Stephen King like story. It drags on for nearly or pass 2 hours. minutes of waiting for something to happen might have added up to one hour. Its obviously sci-fi. I had a hunch on what the plot might be and I was right. If you enjoy Stephen King's novel and all the other movies based on his writing, then you will like this one. Some of the scenes and happening in the movie, I thought could be improved if changed in a certain way. If youre into science and hate religion, itll be funny to see your reaction to what some of the characters say about religion:)

Fancy a lame horror movie, this one is to watch. Dont want to waste time, DONT watch this movie. If you liked other stephen kings movie and like SCI FI as a whole, this movie is yours;)

Begining was good. But just when you start getting the whole gist of the story line, random shizz start to happen such as getting bashed and going on a date. The teleporting thing was pretty cool, I must admit. Hayden didnt do this movie justice. I very much enjoyed his acting in Shattered Glass, that was just awesome. Rachel "hot" Bilson was a disappointment cause I wanted more HOTNESS and wanted better acting. Her dialogue was nothing intriguing, just bland.

Grown up Billy Elliot was awesome. He was the character I though was pretty good in the movie. Samuel L Jackson, was wierd.
In addition, the mother plot line was just random.

Its a pretty cool film, but nothing too exciting and special:)

MAX BRENNER today was awesome. Sorry to not have satisfied everyone, as you can see, its hard enough to make ONE person enjoy let alone, 8 people, so a little bit of understanding was required today. Brownie, wanted an "all you can eat" lunch, Kevin's body is still restraining the intake of lactic acid. Amira is pretty much the same with her easily amused personality. Mark was pretty funny, scaring the damn chef in this jap restaurant we went to and his two cousins, Junior and Lee, was abit random. All these westies went to wynyard, the place where some of these people havnt been to. hmmm DAMN i love the city. Actually havnt been to wynyard in a while!!

My friend Marvin is moving out from his parents house with his brother and coming to my hood! Yeah baby, in two weeks he'll be a street and a few house away from me!! sweet as, just like old times;)
Man i wish more friends come start living in ashfield. bwahahha

-BOOK n progress. Jasper Fforde, is a pretty awesome author! GO postmodernism and deconstructivism. THE ROOT OF ALL THING SEXY AND BEAUTIFUL. Yeah baby.

bye guys.

p.s. I love you

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