Wednesday, June 25

maybe she asks for so much.
but maybe, he gives so little.
its not because he never gives her anything,
but because, in those little instances
that she dreams of sweetness,
it reamins oblivious to him.
maybe not a bunch of flowers, but a compliment.
maybe not a framed photo of her, but a picture non the less.
the time where he can make up for what she has done,
is ignored by the realities of life.
BUT she too is living life, but never in her mind,
that the thought of him fades.

hmm awesome stuff.
MAX BRENNERS and vintage SHOPPING tomorrow. yey!!
nothing else to say. but ill leave you with something nice

p.s. baby i love you. You owe me 8 blogs for the holidays. im not joking. bwajjajajajaa
aww and you have more comments on yoru sean sykes blog. the entry with comments you showe dme before, yeah theres another one. and i fixed up your big photo order. I want to be first.

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