Saturday, June 28

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Corporate Joy
I went to a job interview yesterday. Interviews for me have become a kind of leisure. I always have fun during it and after it I forget all about it and do other things. yesterday's interview was pretty cool cause its one of the coolest. i met a cool person. Our boyfriends have the same name. hmm. I left the time of the interview to my instinct and I got it right. I was so sleepy, but not as trashed as the girl besides me who had the darkest eyes bags. She looked so hung over man, cause she was. Good thing she could walk alright and talk ok. bwhahaha. but yeah never been drunk, so I wouldnt know what goes on in the mentality of a hung over nooler and I dont know what hung over people deprive themselves from. HMM

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
I watched this movie called Harvard Man and there was use of LSD. I would like to blame the smart ass chemistry majors/doctors who take part in drug making!.YOU guys are farting smart but not cool. but yeah. And ive been reading about the effects of LCD and basically went to research about its use.Psychedelic drugs have alwasy fansinated me. What these drugs can do to perception and cognition is just so interesting. I mean, moving objects, hallucination, bending walls, changing faces, its basically in its greatest form of disillusion. hmm This is the time when I wish i had a great knowledge of chemical compounds and how they interact so that when I research, i dont find, 3D molecule compound model and thos diagrams with bonds and stuff dont confuse me. sigh* but yeah. The movie is pretty wierd in itself, But learning about stuff is pretty cool.

Im off to watch:
Hollywod Homicide,
Im With Lucy and
The Black Dahlia.

i shall leave you with this awesome pic from a long time ago!

p.s. I Love You

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