Sunday, June 29

hello everyone,

sean blogging for the first time in forever. well, since uni started, it has been very cool. i get to stay with michelle, i have met some very awesome people and im doing what i love. architecture is time consuming and you need patience for it. first year is many late nights (if you are lucky) and a few day of no sleep for the norm. well, we're on uni holidays now and im still working at bvn. very nice place, good location, get to meet friends every so often. i think im gonna be staying there for quite a while. number one.

as for the keeping in contact with friends, you come to realise that the ones that mnatter stay with you forever. most of the high school kids i knew are now f-ing themselve going clubbing, drinking hard or doing whatevern. but it comes to a stage where everyone will become mature and realise that theres more to life than trashing yourself. ofcourse everything comes in moderation.

i have learnt to appreciate time doing architecture. my mate at work, adam, told me that by the time you reach 5th year, you know how to manage your time very well and you can get sleep:)
im hoping for less late nights next semester. i love my girlfriend, michelle anne.

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