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1st of April, 2008
Fool; n.
1. a professional jester, formerly kept by a person of royal or noble rank for amusement: the court fool.
2. a person who has been tricked or deceived into appearing or acting silly or stupid: to make a fool of someone.
3. an ardent enthusiast who cannot resist an opportunity to indulge an enthusiasm (usually prec. by a present participle): He's just a dancing fool.

During this awesome day, everyone it meant to be fooled one way or another. and thats the RULE. no matter how many times you've been fooled by someone or SOMETHING today, theres nothing to say but to accept it. i almost lost my phone, almost got fined and almost got everything else. TODAY, girlfriends pretend their pregnant and scare the heck out of their boyfriends, guys pretend to pick a girl up and then says "april fools", today people fail their driving tests, people lose at poker, people fall off a chair. BUT there are those OTHERS who just meerly walk the same walk and laugh the same laugh as yesterday. today is just another day. I tried to be one of those people, but lets just say that LIFE didnt want me to be. especially not this year. hmm well thats all over now no need to sook about it now. heheh if what i said was sooking to you, you havnt heard the whole story yet.

My MSP class just got very wierdly interesting on monday. cause gympsy is in my class. If you hav'nt met her yet, dont worry, she assumes that you know her. LMAO

assesments are slowly creeping in and im still participating with the experiments that these post graduates do. sigh* and it got me thinking so much about my future. like the stuff they are doing, which is "research" does not interest me at all. Maybe its the topics their doing, maybe its because of HOW they're doing it, but nonetheless, nothing is tickling my fancy. not happy.
sigh* apparently, im just starting the uni, psych life and i should live life, but come on how can you not think. sigh*. Could'nt i be one of those psychologist who doesnt do research. MAN i know that i have to do research but i did'nt know its a FULL FIRST HAND one. like what the? This thinking lead me to the

THEORY OF EVOLUTION by Charles Darwin.
The theory states that, there is VARIATION in characteristics within a population. Those species with characteristics better suited to changes in the environment and other natural factors live up to the stage of reproduction. The desirable trait is therefore passed on to the offspring and in TIME the species evolve. For those who have an idea of this, You know what im talking about, for those who do not, i cant explain it in a blog. Go buy yourself a copy of THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION by Charles Darwin, its in the literature section, you wont miss it.
Anyway, inconclusion, my question was,
Why could'nt the Theory of Evolution be proclaimed as a LAW? i mean, come on, maybe yes we need time, yes we need samples, yes we need current experiments yes we need all these but if this is ONLY a THEORY, then why is the WHOLE HSC syllabus based on this. why do biology teachers BELIEVE in this and teach it like its a LAW. Some theory that i have come across in my psychology lectures, they tell us about and then never mentions in again. WE hear and Forget. that is a theory. maybe not teh forgetting bit, BUT its also not something so use to revolve with, but revolve around it. ITS a basis of every expriment. IF the theory of evolution is taught so widely that it almost sounds like a law, then I DONT SEE any point of me doing research for psychology. My reason being that, i could work around theories as well while treating my patients. hmm

Should i be a philosopher? hmm i wish. some people will read what i write or listen to what i say, but in their heads, im just a blabber. who cares. everyone sucks.

Michelle asked me today what my religion was. I told her that im "meant to be catholic" but im not a FULL ON religious. I just want to make it clear, not to you but to me (in writing) that its not that i dont believe in god and its not that i hate god or that he doesnt exist. THE only issue i still cant comprehend is the hipocrisy behind my religion and otehr religions for that matter. A scholar told me ones that the contents of the holy book of Islam and Chritianity is almost the same. and i think that is the greatest hypocrisy. Christianity talk about feeding the hungry and giving shelter to the homeless, my question is,

why do we have expensive churches?
why do we have the vatican church equipt with gold plated (of some of then golden) chalises?why do we have special couffins for the pope?
why do we have all these luxury when, nothing of COMFORTABLE living is stated in ANY of the holy books present oin this world? WHAT happened to being self less?

In Kyle and Jackie O today, this lady won $700 and then this buzzer rang suggesting that she has a choice whether to keep the money or give the money to an organisation "helping" an african kid "obtain food". She chose not to with complete disappointment cause she really needed it. and I AGREE whole hearted for her to keep the money. AT least if she has the money, she knows that shes fixing up her life. BUT if she give this amount away to some "organisation" who knows what will happen to it. "Sponsor a child" yeah right. its not that im a tight us with money, one thing that I am is that, i dont trust these organisation. Because frankly i could'nt care less about money. especially when it comes to helping people ( just realise that price doesnt matter to me as long as im buying something for someone). What i will want to do, if i had enough money, I wont send MONEY to who evers in need, I would give them the stuff they NEED specifically. theres nothing MONEY cant buy. "DONATE NOW. This Child has never eaten before", ill give them food. "This child cant afford his own clothing" Ill give them clothes. You get my drift.

I havnt had gloria jeans cappuccino in a while.

goodnight Guys, hope you enjoyed my ramblings. That should make up for the times ive been away. not that anyone reads this blog, but ohwell, dont shame me. hehe

i dont ask for too much, do i? in my opinion, i ask only when i know i deserve it.
I dont know what going on. but its just these tiny things i want from you. Thats all.
sometimes, the feeling is just not equal, so... i dont know what now. yes maybe i try to relate so much stuff to it. maybe it, is the reason i become interested in life. Maybe if not evrything, most of the stuff i do is for it. Psych, today had stuff about Love, so automatically i thought about it. But maybe im IN TOO DEEP. ill try to surface up, but im not sure.

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