Thursday, April 17

lugar: universidad

Buenosdias ellos chicos,y ellas chicas.
Im at uni using uniwide so i can preserve my net at home. hehe im nearly capped. AND besides net here is way fater so i should finish my spanish listening test later on today.

ahhhh dear old blogger. Dont worry i have not abandoned you yet. uni is a time parasite so i hope im forgiven.!

well im going alright at maths. surprisingly! bwhahah. MAN i should've done two unit in year 11 and 12. Could've saved myself $600 bucks.. ahh michelle, you dont think sometimes. sigh* ohwell. if i can catch up doing two topics in two rushed hours, then i should be fine learning the whole damn thing for two years. OH YEAH!

I have a number of assignments due soon and exams to tackle quite sooner (babs test tomorrow). sigh* ohwell. i think everything is under control. Im finishing everything one at a time tomake sure that i dont do anything rushed.

My espaƱol crew decided to make a facebook group so we can plan to study (pubcrawling, shouting,events, drink ups, parties, group study). it has only been open for two to three days and its already running a marathon!! bwahahha theres a tiny event this friday! i hope i get to convince then to make it earlier on the night so i can join! hahah

adios muchachos

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