Sunday, January 6

status: unemployed
ladies and gentlemen. hmm its pretty coool typing on this cool looking notebook. ive had this for a few days now and ive only blogged today. this is partly due to my awesome love being sick so i cant be bothered doing internet related stuff during those days. waiting for offers is getting boring yet scary(hope thins work out).

LIFE- hmm nothing much have been going besides alot of dvd sessions with my siblings. we watch like 3 dvds throughout the morning and then 2 more at night. hehe yeah i know its pretty sedentary.

MANLY beach day was awesome. didnt have much people with us but it was still great because the usual beach buddies were there. i call them beach buddies but really, normal people wont call it that. ill be posting pics from that outing in this post so stay tuned.

im not sure if i blogged on christmas or new year, so here goes..
I hope everyone had an awesome time at Christmas and got awesome presents!! and a fabulous NYE. May everyone have the time of their life this year. Make the most of it people!!
For the HSC students this year, well i wish you all the luck. When youre in it, you feel like its hard to get into the 80s but with listening and commonsense youll definitely get there. a little more and then youre in to your 90s. take my friend, KEVIN for example. a bludger and a wow player, but he had the best timing for studying, and he got it more than me. The most important lesson is that, DONT STUDY HARD, STUDY EFFICIENTLY. goodluck guys and congrats for finishing year eleven.
YEAR 12 '07, we rock!
(unintended spoiler warning ahead!)

- Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet
- Comedy/ Romance/ Drama
- 4 1/2 stars, baby
Im abit surprised i liked this movie, mainly because i didnt have th eslightest cluse of what this movie was about and i didnt know who this "amanda peet" was. But YES the movie was great and sweet. YES amanda peet is gorgeous and amazing, shes pretty hot aswell (if youre into that "older woman" look). Anyway, its about these two strangers that randomly had sex on a plane toilet. after this FATE just kept them working their way to eachother. From sad breakups to parties to business commitments to photography and up to the wedding, these two just kept going. Sexual tensions and mutual chemistry are clearly obvious from their very first glance up to the end of the film. This movie is great. And as a complete believer of fate, then this movie just have it all. and IF you really know me, then youl know why i recommend this film to everyone. well have fun with it. I hope you watch it and love it. any feedbacks just let me know, but i cant help you. LOL. another thing awesome with this movie is the time snaps. its not a family movie, watch it yourself or with your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife. we all love abit of romance here and there right?
the JOURNEY to manly beach.

im outie shizz breaks.
you fill my mind. i miss you, turtle. when will i see you again.

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