Sunday, January 6

hello everyone, its been a while since i, SEAN, has blogged!
but things have been alright, i got tonsilitis on nye so i couldnt go! ARHH! but i hope everyone had a cool new year! HAPPY NEW YEAR! horrahh! people flicking through their new years resolution. getting fit is a huge one this year. like rishi, he's joining a gym. and before that has a gang of stinking curry girls chasing him! LOL! shamma may try to win another cricket match, but other than that, lifes all good.

i miss my girlfriend, i havnt seen her in so long and im gonna die! ARHHH!! im gonna transform!

but yeh, i think the formal dvd is out and i havnt got it. we should be getting it this week! i wanna go to the beach again!! ARHH! with all the cool people. and uni is starting for us class of 07'ers! its gonna be so exciting and new and everything is gonna be different! even tafers and workers and bludgers, theres no more school, we gonna wake up thinking its school today cause we've just done that for the past 13 years! damn! im gonna go soundwave :D! my ticket came yesterday and it looks super radical! man, i also wanna go watch gladiators!! anyone up for it?! only 5 dollars a ticket mate!
bring back the good old stuff from 1995!! yerh!!

this week i feel like singapore chilli crab, so im gonna take michelle with me and we go eat eat!!

man, i miss my brothers! ARHH! i havnt seen them in ages, and i should see them on tuesday if i aint doing nothing! thats all for now folks! see your asses soon!
i love you michelle

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