Monday, January 14

Michelle's New Year plans/ resolution
::sean - More dvds/movies throughout the year - work - money - driver's license - more cocktails - coffee school courses ::sean - beach during summer - less pairs of shoes (start buying quality ones) ::sean - finish cross stitching - read more leisure books ::sean ::sean

thats all i can think of for now folks.

movies that i want to watch (not necessarily new)
: alvin and the chipmunks : charlie wilson's war : the holiday : breakfast at tiffany's : city by the sea : the dead girl : cold mountain : sex and the city the movie : 27 dresses : American Gangster : There will be Blood

what if i update you guys with the 65th Annual Golden Globe Awards winners?

Best MotionPicture (drama): Atonement
Best Motion Picture (musical/comedy): Sweeney Todd: the demon barber of fleet street
Best Animated Film :Ratatouille
Best original score (motion Picture): Atonement
Best Screenplay (motion picture): No Country for old Men
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thats all from me for today.


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