Thursday, January 17

I watched one of the bestest and the cutest movies in the history of the film induced human race. Alvin and the Chipmunks was all about laughter and constant "awww's" and "how cute's" rattled around the cinemas filled with kids, teenagers and adults. If your looking for a fun children's movie and the "awesome-est one" to spend quality time with family, siblings or someone special, this is the movie to go to. I rate this movie, 4.75/5

After this movie, we went out to have a sit while my bro goes toilet and some random girl from our cinema came out and to her family she said "I need to poo-poo" me&mel's response: WHAT THE FARTING HECK! who says that out loud letting not only the family to here but even other randoms?? well not me.pee is alright, but poopoo has gone beyond too far!

I watched this movie with my sister and brother at broadway yesterday. the shopping centre is FINISHED. that last time ive been there was ages ago and it was still building but now its all done, better yet it looks freakin sexy. i totally love it.
We also visited "the spot" which was awesome, cause its the spot where i want my dream apartment to be in. In not sure what the interior looks like but i definitely want to know later on when i have the money to show off to the real estate fart. BUT until then, its all work work and work (since i dont have work, its all findwork, findwork, findwork... or charity.)
UNI offers will be coming in a few hours. I dont know what will happen to that. IM HOPING, cause someone taught me how to hope and also to never lose hope, SO i am hoping and will continue to hope and not give up on things that are worth it.

(unintended spoiler warning)

I also watched The Libertine with Johnny Depp. This one, i viewed at home. I cannot comment on anything in detail simply because of the fact that i kept fast forwarding it every five minutes maybe two. This movie becomes boring when watched during latenights because of the dark lighting continually used. HOWEVER, storywise, Im going to give it a 3.5/5 its ok. Like, its a mediocre movie.. normal.. nothing out of the blue. In a better light, the prologue and epologue in this movie was just exceptional. I liked it. There was the giving away of dildoes near the end of the film, so that humour kept me awake for about another 5mins and then im back to fast forwarding. The sexual vulgarity was slightly extreme, if dry ice wasnt used during a certain scene, then fart, the nudity and sex scene would have reached extreme (still not as much as HOSTEL.. so im ok.. i didnt faint or anything. LMAO). OVERALL, the movie was a waste of time. If you still ache to watch it, then you can just hold the remote, empty the room, use earphones. listen to the epilogue, fast forward up to the end and listen to the epilogue (you can also stop here and there if you are sexually frustrated, or just simply curious in how the sexual tension was during that time. doesnt bother anyone). Im going to rate this 1.5/5

Theres this "bumper sticker" application on friendster. Didnt know how to use it before, but now I DO. LOL and i found this sticker which I thought was quite funny and worth sharing to anyone soul reading the awesome-est blog in the world! LOL. well if the sticker didnt make you laugh then, maybe ill just call tha joke an "inside joke".
On another very different note, did i report about what happened on sean's birthday yet? WELL its because nothing much happened. just spent the afternoon with some awesome and very important friends. We flew styrofoam state of the art airplanes for 95 cents. Imjust going to describe it as.. for a plane that cost that low, it provided us with priceless memories and fantastic moments with great friends. WHAT more is there to ask.

Nothing much is happening to your one and only. ive just been going of facebook alot and watching dvds alot (still). Yesterday was wacky wednesday, so i got a whole new heap of dvds to watch over the next week. NO time wasted (very efficient aye?) Inaddition, this ps2 game called Prince of Persia: Warrior Withing has also been taking up much of the family's time. mel just kept playing while me and ro just kept on guiding her while the parents sometimes watch and my mom laughs when the character dies! Its an awesome game. and YES we have ps2, thats not a typing error, were living in the past. I dont care about technology. all you people who buy the latest one THE second it comes out, is quite silly because, another MORE advanced and better will be out in an hour SO byebye money! Id rather spend it on shoes!

SPEAKING of shoes. Yesterday at broadway, i saw THE BEST WEDGE SHOE i have ever seen in my whole life. IF you wanna buy me the pair, its 135 dollars at WHITTNER. its not a designer shoes but I LIKE IT. its simple and comfortable. I even tried one shoe on and it felt great. Ive always wanted a wedge pair, but never had one in my life. The one displayed was the exact fit for me, SO theres the sign!!! AHH i want it. really....!!!
ok this is quite long now. and i think my typing speed has gone up typing so much. bwhahahah nah im joking.
but yea im off see you soon moles

p.s. i love you. ( There is no way to express it any better than those words. I miss you everytime you are not with me. I will definitely visit you at lunch, but i cant tell you the exact date. LOL youknow how random i am! well hope you had a fantastic day at work. ill see you veryvery soon! takecare lovely boyfriend)

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