Tuesday, October 9

what up dawg?
i hope everyone is having a rad holiday and stuff! mines been pretty interesting so far, not cause ive been going out (which i havnt, cause im like, grounded by my asian parents until hsc is over), but theres been all these new things floating around,
interesting talks with people, new music, people with new loves and stuff, extremely intreresting sessions, more stacking it on skateboards, see-ing people randomly, more motivation and all that jazz.

congratulations arthur phillip kids 07, i know im abit late in saying this but shut up.

reception was rad. these are my soles,

i love these guys, seriously the best. im gonna miss see-ing them everyday.
how fun those graphics lessons were, teasing shamma cause he's short, teasing rishi cause he's a horse face, teasing shonit about anything, teasing kevin for not talking - man of 2 words, never really teased prasad, teasing ayaz about plagiarism, and they always teased me about my squeling voice.

graduation day was exciting.everyone looked super, and yeh.

got to catch up with the old school fellas - wall street mate! fo life!

even though schools come to an end, theres a few things that'll always be there with me. my awesome michelle, the few remaining wall st dudes, tsr, darkside boys and yeh.
keep it real yo.

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