Wednesday, October 3


what more can a sane and insane mind ASK FOR
Im glad school is finishing, because
- i get to relax - start to look forward for the HSC- more boyfriend time- might do uni- start working- more dinners and lunches with friends and families- maybe start to have breakfasts with friends- overseas- still with boyfriend- more spending- saving- house- fiance- money- more saving- and finally, ill go back to APHS with a gift (donate a few thousands to rebuild some areas of the school).

I dont like bush fires. I think, with all the hassle about sea levels rising because of melted icebergs, they should actually do something about using those water to put out bushfires!..OMG.. i dont get the point of this "the costs of operating machines is too much" come on, if everyone work for one goal, then there wont be any cost. WELL i hope everything works out for the best.
I proclaimed a few days ago that i dont like the world, and my sister called me an "emo". i thought she was completely wrong simply because of the fact that she ignored something very important. i dont LIKE the WORLD..Emo's dont LIKE THEMSELVES and their LIVES!..I like/love my life.

well ill put up some pictures from reception and graduation and i hope you guys enjoy it. IF you want more pics, just get a hold of me or sean and you'll get what you want DONT WORRY!

APHS07, baby

just gotta have that picture

great stuff


justin, chris cole, & imran





thats all folks!
iloveyou like the world is ending. These days without you is the best definition of existentialism. I cant wait to see your loveliness. Take care and get well soon.

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