Tuesday, June 19


its tuesday afternoon, cloudy and silent. This is the first time in quite a while that i havnt had my house for myself. Its nice to be just with yourself. VERY relaxing. i wont make this blog an essay. This is just to start me off on that mood, the essay mood. this week and last week have been, shall i say, abit more "realistic" except for the umbrella scene of course. but other than that, i guess the harsh truth about reality and the hardships that comes with it is inevitable and is slowly creaking in to me. I thought i should blog, not in the pupose of entertaining those who reads this, cause frankly i dont think anyone does. I dont really care. Theres only one person i want reading this so..whatever. Im blogging cause i feel that exams shouldnt be a reason to live life on TORPOR. theres gotta be something exciting during exams. You gotta find time top revive even a few minutes. Just to make sure that your not getting sucked into this world of competition. Well this basically for me, is my revitalising time. AFTER this theres Jane Austen to tell off,Shakespeare to slap, and Frontline casts to shoot one at a time. Yes its the english paper two! LOL.but hey English is great. YOU have to be INTO it. if not then your basically stuffed and you wont get the crux of everything. Exams have been fine except for the weird allocation of economics into the second day(today) which is very unusual because normally its my last exams, thats why i get to rip it. BUT not so much today.
I think the heaters in my school gym is pretty cool. BUT it wouldve been better if they were turned ON! another thought that amused me just a few minutes ago, is people's desires. Everyone desires for something or someone. There is no one in this world that is content with there life and just take anything that comes along. If you say me, well mate, youre lying to yourself. even the slightest desires of a person puts a smile on their face when they get it. and i think the inevitable concept of desire is pretty cool. hhmmm great stuff for extension 2 major work for those who havnt started, but really, its a tad bit LATE if your havnt started! LMAO. Because of my utter dislike in unstructured writing, it is obvious that i deliberately did not sturcture this blog in paragraphs. so its harder to read=) ANYWAY. this is eating up my time. ill be back again when i get another amusing thought. until then, enjoy your exams, cause remember, this are the last exams for highschool!! OoOhh exciting! EXAMS rock! bad marks DO NOT ROCK!!!
and another thing guys!..keep those hardcore umbrellas going. its winter and will be raining (at least i hope so) and YOU will be needing BIG and "cover-able" umbrellas so that no one sees you inside it, and ofcourse so you dont get wet. FOR more information on what i mean......DONT FREAKIN ASK ME.
enjoy life.

earth to turtle, elephant is here and is wanting you.

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