Saturday, June 23

EXAMS! are not a reason to kill yourself of misery.
thursday was at the rocks yo! freaking sickest place of all.
friday was at the hill! man, i cant even describe the crue snapshots in life properly because theyre too beautiful for words. f- word man, seriously, these moments are stored in my head like photoalbums rushing through my heart. YOU are my H _ R O _ N _.

if you havnt checked your email, check it.

ok, and i was talking to the elephant today and theres this sick idea.
- most awesome unit/ beach house ever, with friends or not?.
- skate demo park, dance floor, recording studio, kitchen, bathroom, spa, bedroom, couch, plasma.
- those bright nights wont be recognised when youre there. scenes.
- fallen and smiggle boxes
- wall murals and poems.
- something to look forward to.
- its going to happen.
- we're invincible.
- forever & ever.
- we'll never miss again, never be separated, in scenes always.

if you dont understand, its for the crueness.

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