Tuesday, February 6

LET me be the first one to say that SCHOOL is GREAT:: LIFE is COOL:: HSC is a pain in the NECK::

anyway I am NOT going to start swearing this year!.the previous blog was just one of those near breakdown experience where you gotta let out stuff at some point in time.
WELL just a note to my lovely friends:: YOU know who you are, birthday presents are SO old style! WHATS in today, are surprise gifts! UNEXPECTED presents. THEY are was awesome
ASSESMENTS are pilling up so I shall keep this short BUT meaningful.
belated:HAPPY BIRTHDAY to AMIRA for 24th and WILLIAM for 28th.
HEROES are kickbottom.!WATCHED fightclub and its what i xpected. I thought it would be those unnecessary movies with senseless storyboard. BUT it was GOOD. In addition, BRADpitt's torso appeared quite a few times. BONUS!!BUT hey brad is so old school!!
ALSO i would like to take into account the upcoming VALENTINES day. I just want to greet everyone, just in case i dont get to say it myself.

FUN THINGS TO DO: look at a DEAD scary spider for five minutes (it should be windy to spice things up)


#just say it and mean it

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