Wednesday, January 17

this week was a-ok. I GUESS... WELL alot of NEED FOR SPEED:underground (very very AWESOME)
SUMMERLAND is back on,now on primetime TV. its repeated though.been trying to wake up a little bit early so i could ACCOMPLISH something. CAUSE the first few weeks of january have been motionless/studyless.i received such a lovely letter which was so close to foretelling my death. HOWEVER, i regained my lying ability so IM ALIVE..!i went out today(wednesday) with some luvos for basketball and lunch. IT was GREAT to see them. ACTUALLY this is a pretty good day..besides from the fact that i saw a few of my lovely friends, TODAY we found a way out of this room where we got stuck in this game.!!AWESOME..ALSO, we watched 4episodes of HEROES and IM totally HOOKED! I must say, it is a fantastic series. GREAT cliffhangers. COOL cast and storylines (not including major allusions from other movies or books). bUT yeah the next 4 episodes will be enjoyed TOMOROW!..hehe thats one reason for waking up early. THIS blog is done so late at night so if the grammar dont work, forgive me.AND in conclusion for the day, I was challenged to use my psychological skills. My presence and advice was crutially needed by a friend.AND i felt cool being sought out for such a thing.

-ANYWAY tomorow is a new day!AWESOME DAY today!..
-FRIDAY might be shopping DAY.!! greatly looking forward to that one.
-sat&sun is still on hold and FREE.

**I got freaked out by the top image of me! I thought YOU actually drew it..ITS FREAKIN amazing if you did.THEN i remembered.IT was at auburn =P

the smile i carry is the disguise i wear beneath a feeling that long to be expressed. but here i say, I am a closed shell.

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