Wednesday, January 17

hello kids,
i havnt had a chance to write in this blog, except for the under construction thingo, and yes, i feel like writing.holidays have been pretty freaking awesome, and yeh.

january 10th
went to akshay's and chilled there for the day. had a trolley ride, almost not paid for our pizza, until akshay heard the lady say "ummm, can you like, pay for your pizza?". watched click, and i almost cried, but i dont cry. adam sandler is my was nice to have the day out :)

january 12th
we had family, childhood friends over for my birthday. it was funny. we saw errol at parra while we went to eat at max brenner. matthew was dying of sweetness and yes, it was a nice day out. i got awesome presents, one was even mailed to me. yes i loved it!

january 15th
crashed at marks house, posted mail. watched heroes. got another trolley ride. parked it in marks driveway. going ice skating and bowling friday.

january 16th
almost got michelle killed :)


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